So nobody cares if you have a personal website anymore. Everyone uses Facebook or worse. But I still have a personal website. This is it. Facebook only shows a maximum of 6 domains in the website section of your profile. Completely arbitrary. You can put more in but it will only show up to 6. But I have at least 7 presently with more likely coming soon. So here are the rest of mine beside

Thoughts Copyright 1994 Chad Volpe/The Fin
Like carefully placed bits of broken glass
Sharp and fine, but with a jagged edge
Seeing the world through a tunnelvision lense- one thing at a time
Suffer mild temporary obsession with certain details- a shape, a line, a face, a movement
Sit and look
And think about broken glass (and the noise it makes in your head)
'Till you can only see one thing at a time
Sitting, watching, thinking, focusing
And breaking a lense
That can only see
At a